Food is what we do

The Food Industry is ablaze with change. New technologies work to encourage revolution after revolution in an ever-changing work environment. Changes in food production, in the kitchen, to delivery methods, and so on! There is a great buzz as industry leaders work to implement new techniques and tactics in their production environments.

Food Innovation By Rezolvin

Are you looking for a way to set your food business apart from others? Perhaps you are discouraged by slow growth or your creativity feels stifled by lack of a cohesive identity. No matter the problem, Rezolvin can help through our food innovation consulting.We use a variety of tactics to encourage creativity and innovation.

Food Quality By Rezolvin

Are you having problems with your food quality? Specific food quality issues include reducing shelf life, variable product quality, packaging problems, and unwanted microbial growth.

Rezolvin provides consulting to help identify food quality issues, advise on solutions, and implement and maintain high quality standards.

Baking By Rezolvin

Baking originated with the parching of grain seeds on hot stones and moved to placing batter and dough into clay ovens over a flame. Over centuries, bakers experimented with different grains, temperatures, mixtures, and breads became a mainstay in the human diet.

Food Safety By Rezolvin

It’s hard for something to be more important than Food Safety.

Food safety is continuing to grow as one of the most pressing and important issues within the Food Industry today. As such, Rezolvin takes great care in placing a deep and unwavering emphasis on Food Safety and everything it entails.