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Food Innovation | What We Do

The Fast Food Industry is ablaze with change. New technologies work to encourage revolution after revolution in an ever-changing work environment. Changes in fast food production, in the kitchen, to delivery methods, and so on! There is a great buzz as industry leaders work to implement new techniques and tactics in their production environments. It’s easy to get lost and even left behind as things move from one thing to the next faster and faster

Rezolvin is a Fast Food Industry consulting company highly specialized in key areas behind a successful business in Fast Food Service. We are an exclusive consultancy company working with fast food businesses of any size to provide comprehensive solutions to meet today’s problems and prevent those of tomorrow.

The Multi-Faceted nature of a Food Business

Running a fast food business is far from easy. We understand this. This is why we aim to make that process a little easier. Fast Food Safety, Quality, and Innovation in an effort to keep things original, fresh, and of a nature to keep your customers coming again and again! Something that makes you interesting, new, and of a higher tier than those around you! How will you separate yourself from the herd around you?

It’s a tough question. We will help you to answer it. Ours is a team filled with expertise and drive to help you find the answers to the more complex questions; answers that you can’t find on a search engine because the question is too personal, too complex, nuanced, or context relevant. We also make the baking businesses thrive. Here are some of the services we offer:

Fast Food Innovation

Fast Food Innovation By Rezolvin

Are you looking for a way to set your fast food business apart from others? Perhaps you are discouraged by slow growth or your creativity feels stifled by lack of a cohesive identity.  No matter the problem, Rezolvin can help through our fast food innovation consulting. We use a variety of tactics to encourage creativity and innovation.

Food Quality

Food Quality By Rezolvin

Are you having problems with your fast food quality? Specific fast food quality issues include reducing shelf life, variable product quality, packaging problems, and unwanted microbial growth. Rezolvin provides consulting to help identify fast food quality issues, advise on solutions, and implement and maintain high quality standards.

Bakery Business Consultant | Baking by Rezolvin

Baking By Rezolvin

Our consultants have the industry experience and knowledge to help you secure your path as you start your baking business or even in your efforts to shore up an existing one. We’ll work with you in product development, quality control, and production efficiency. With our help, you can turn your bakery into something truly special.

Fast Food Safety Consultant | Rezolvin

Food Safety By Rezolvin

It’s hard for something to be more important than Fast Food Safety.

Food safety is continuing to grow as one of the most pressing and important issues within the Fast Food Industry today. As such, Rezolvin takes great care in placing a deep and unwavering emphasis on Fast Food Safety and everything it entails.

Fast Food Supply Chain Optimization Services

Supply Chain Optimization By Rezolvin

Are you interested in optimizing your fast food restaurant’s bottom line? Are you looking to push ahead of competition using methods that many do not think of? At Rezolvin, we understand the hidden importance of supply chain optimization in the fast food industry. Rezolvin can provide you with expertise on streamlining every aspect of your supply chain.

Food Innovation | Pro Consultations by Rezolvin

Pro Consultations By Rezolvin

Are you feeling the stress of entering or exiting an industry blindly? Do you wish you had all of the answers for where to enter, what business to buy, and how to assess a fast food industry venture? Many newcomers to the food industry, from restauranteurs to food manufacturers, try to enter blindly and without the expertise necessary to start on the right foot.